Yet to be published.

Pages: 317
Year completed: 2016

High ranking police detective Helen Mitchell finds herself on the run from two state police forces as well as the Australian Federal Police.

Pages: 111
Year completed: 2014

Set 30 years prior to Espial's Revenge.

Sarah Hatfield has gotten her life back under control. The Espial is undergoing a structural change and she’s finally found suitable accommodation for her disabled sister. All is running smoothly until she hits a snag - she's pregnant. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down once more and the pregnancy isn't the only problem. Karen Gribbin calls the Espial when her daughter, Beth Teffry, runs away from home. It should be a straightforward case of lost and found but, as Sarah and the Espial agents discover, Beth doesn't want to be found. In fact, she's threatening to kill herself if her mother ever finds out where she is. Things aren't as they seem and Sarah soon begins to realise what being a mother is really all about ...

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