Into the Sunset Play Script


Please note that the price you are paying is the performance fee(s) as well as the script.

If you wish to perform this play more than five times, please contact me privately and we can negotiate a price.

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Claire and Liam find themselves stranded on a desert island. When Claire gets bitten by a venomous sea snake, Liam must use all his skills as a paramedic to try and keep her alive until they get rescued.

Type: Full-length play

Genre: Tragicomedy

Cast: 1F, 1M,  1 non-speaking character of either gender.

Age of Actors: mid-30s to mid-40s.

Suitable for: Adults to watch and perform

Length: 70 minutes

Set: The whole play is set on a desert island, mainly the beach, a cave and forest clearings.

Special notes: The actor playing Claire will need to be physically fit in order to perform the role convincingly as she undergoes several medical emergencies over the course of her condition including a respiratory arrest, two grand mal seizures and body paralysis.