Inner Paradox


Inspired by the hit British TV show Life on Mars .

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Ellie Hastings finds herself in Outback Australia with no idea how she got there. She starts to become suspicious of her surroundings when sounds and sights appear out of nowhere. She soon comes to the conclusion she’s in a coma but how does she actually get out of it?

Meanwhile, her sister Beth is having troubles of her own. Not only is she evicted from the apartment she and Ellie live in, she loses her job and, on top of all off, her boyfriend Murray Parkes, starts having doubts about their relationship. But she is hiding a secret that can’t be revealed or it could land her in very hot water.

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Beth hurried down toward the car park in an attempt to get away from the hospital grounds as quickly as possible. Despite her best attempts, the last few days had really taken its toll on her.

The best part of the morning had been spent sitting vigil by Ellie’s bedside. If her current disposition wasn’t already fragile enough, the nursing staff had recently noticed that the younger woman was starting to spike an abnormally high temperature which was attracting some concern. The attempts to return her temperature to normal had failed and the staff had been forced to call on a doctor to assess her.

Adding on to that, Murray’s arrival at the hospital that morning had rattled her more than she cared to admit. While his actual presence wasn’t any real concern, he had tried to show his passion towards her in public which she was less than receptive to. It had almost felt like it had been an admission of guilt on her part and she had rather not indulge in such a public display. Thankfully, he had been more than understanding and agreed to keep it to a more private setting.

As she reached her car, she noticed a familiar figure walking down the street with an uniformed police office. She had recognised the woman as an old friend of Ellie’s from the photo that had previously resided on the kitchen benchtop in the apartment, now laying in the box of personal belongings in Murray’s living room.

Presently, Detective Sergeant Samantha Johns looked up at her and stopped in her tracks. Something about the woman looked vaguely familiar. Upon closer examination, she realised she was the main suspect in their investigation into Ellie’s mysterious collapse. She caught the attention of the officer she had been walking with and, after a brief discussion, they both strolled casually up to Beth.

‘Excuse me, Ms Beth Hasting?’ Samantha called out, in an attempt to ascertain she had the right person.

‘Yes?’ Beth tried desperately to hide any form of anxiety that was slowly creeping out.

To show any form of apprehension in front of the two law-enforcement officers would signal an admission of guilt which would prove disastrous for her.

‘We’d like you to come with us to the station please,’ the officer continued. His voice suggested no room for negotiation.

Before Beth knew what was happening, both Samantha and the officer had pinned Beth to the side of her car as the detective took out a pair of handcuffs. She glared at Beth in determination.

‘Ms Hastings, you’re under arrest,’ she announced and began handcuffing her.

Beth blinked.

Time finally unfroze. Beth looked around and watched as both Samantha and the officer continued down the street, oblivious to her staring.

She was going mad. She was sure of it. If she wasn’t careful, she was going to let something slip with terrible consequences for everyone involved.

Trembling like a leaf, she opened the door of her car and climbed in. As she settled into the driver’s seat, her mind struggled to organise the recent events as they had presented themselves and she slowly began to hyperventilate.

Her world was falling apart around her.

With no fight left in her body, she burst into tears.