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Other Interests

As well as an artist, I also dabble in music composition and scriptwriting.

Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Like most kids, I learnt to play the recorder at a very early age before my parents decided to send me to piano lessons when I was 9. This gave me the basis of music theory and, in my teens, I composed a melody for piano known as Bush Aussies which eventually became the second half of Desolate Plains. Ironically, the first half of Desolate Plains was the second composition I did!

In early 2018, I started to teach myself to play the flute which led me to compose and arrange more serious classical pieces. At this stage, I only had the melodies of several short songs written down and, with the magic of a music notation software, I began to combine some of the songs together and add additional instrumentation to result in the songs you hear on this website.

If you had first met me at the beginning of 2000, you would know me better as a writer than as a musician or an artist. While I have been composing and painting in my early years, I concentrated on writing in my early 20s and haven't really stopped.

When I first started writing, I was focusing more on crime novels. However, as I grew older, my style changed and I began to develop a liking for scriptwriting - both for stage plays and audio drama.