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Below are a few simple steps on how to commission a portrait of your pet or loved ones.

The first step is to choose the type of photo you would like to send me.

  • Please ensure that the photos you send me are of the highest possible quality. For the amount of detail need to be portrayed, I cannot work from blurry photos.
  • The best photos to work with are those taken in natural light. Try to make sure the subject(s) is not in direct sunlight as it makes the photo difficult to work with.
  • If possible, avoid using a flash as it gives the photo a very unnatural feel and takes away a lot of detail.
  • If you can, try and take a photo of the subject(s) head on. Even having the subject(s) look past you slightly is okay.


The best photos to work with are those of at least 1800 pixels width. This allows me to zoom in on the photo to provide as much detail as possible to your portrait.

Example of Photo

Graphite Portrait

Pencil Portraits
I work on the three standard paper sizes - A5, A4 and A3. Please note that I am currently only doing graphite portraits.

Please check my pricing page for more information on what I offer.

Once you've decided on the size of your portrait, please contact me with your requirements and we can discuss them in more detail. This includes any deadlines you might have such as an anniversary/birthday/Christmas present.

If you need to send the requirements in a document, please send Word files or PDF files only. Do not send me links to webpages as I might not be able to access the document on them.

Once I have discussed your portrait request in full detail with you, I will then need to ask for a 30% deposit so you can secure a slot on my waiting list. This amount will then be taken out of the final payment once the portrait has been complete.

Payments can be made by direct bank transfer or PayPal which will be invoiced to your email address.

I like to make sure that my clients are kept updated on my progress of their portrait. I will contact you at the end of each working day so you'll be able to see the progress of your portrait through the stages.

Please note that I do not work on weekends.

I will also post my progress on Instagram unless you prefer I didn't, in case the portrait is a surprise gift.

Once the portrait has been completed, I will send you a final invoice for payment of the portrait which must be paid within 14 days. When I have received the payment, the portrait will then be posted to you via Australia Post.