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Commission Info


Well, that depends on how detailed and big the artwork actually is. A rough guide is that A5 drawing takes about 3 business days, A4 drawing takes about 5 days and A3 takes about a fortnight.

For a painting, I usually take about 5 - 6 days to complete a 12"x16" landscape. Smaller sizes take about 2 days, depending on detail.

At this stage, I will only do overseas commissions for graphite and coloured portraits. Because I use standard size paper, posting the finished work is no issue as I don't offer a framing service.

I am currently investigating postage options for landscape paintings.

There are certain subjects I object to drawing and painting - nude people being one of them. Other subjects I refuse to draw are those surrounding death, sexuality or religion. I also refuse to draw fictional characters that have been protected by copyright.

The only exception to the rule would be a request from the actor who has portrayed the character as part of their career.

I like to keep subjects for acrylics and graphite drawings seperate. That is I will only draw pets, people and wildlife and paint landscapes and silhouettes, as well as personalised plaques.

At this stage, I specialise in graphite drawing using Faber-Castell Graphite 9000 Art Set and Derwent Graphic Pencils.

For landscapes paintings, I mainly use the Mont Marte brand.

My current range of coloured pencils is somewhat limited and I'm in the process of investing in more. I currently use Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils set of 24, Prismacolor Soft Core pencils and both Derwent Artist and Studio pencils.

If you would like me to do a coloured portrait, I will certainly do my best to provide you with the closest colour shading at my disposal.

Most definitely! You name it and I'll draw it - as long as I have a photo reference.