You wouldn’t think LEGO would have much of an influence on a young writer. However, that’s exactly what inspired me to write my first story at the age of 12. My brother and sister were sitting on the living room floor, playing with a huge pile of LEGO in front of them. I looked up at their creation and saw a strange-looking house staring straight back at me. It was here that I had an idea for a rather silly story about a pair of twins time-travelling to the future.

My thirst for writing didn’t stop there. By the time I reached high school, I had written more short stories which have now been lost to the ages. Oddly enough, much of my writing was centred around time-travel. One story I remember was about a young girl who was accidentally whisked back to the Middle Ages and had to find her way back.

When I left high school, I had more ideas flowing through my head than I could put to paper. By the 2000s, I decided to write one of those ideas down which ended up being a three-part novel set in the near future. I have been writing creatively since 1990 and have spent the last two decades specialising in stage plays, screenplays and audio plays.

As a former disability nurse of 18 years (specialising in ventilator and tracheostomy nursing), I often use my intermediate medical knowledge to write plays in that field. I have also worked on several stage productions as a sound designer and technician, and am well versed in the directions of stage and sound when writing my plays.

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