Welcome to my official website. The name's Caetlyn McLean and I'm a multimedia artist from Adelaide, South Australia.

I specialise in a variety of mediums including pencil art, acrylic paintings, classical compositions, scriptwriting, nature photography and sound design for animation, audio and film.

So, come and have a look around. Hopefully you'll be interested in what you see.

Artist - Multimedia artistPencil art, acrylic paintings and digital art

Composer - Multimedia ArtistClassical compositions and arrangements

Photographer - Multimedia ArtistNature Photography

Scriptwriter - Multimedia artistFilm/TV, theatre and audio

Sound Designer - Multimedia ArtistSoundscapes for Multimedia, created from scratch

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Beyond the Realms - Multimedia artist

Episode 1 has now been completed and its synopsis can be read in the Television page of this site. Script available on request.

Latest Composition

Caetlyn McLean
Caetlyn McLean
Witch's Meditation

Latest Sound Ambience

Wind in the Willows
Wind in the Willows
Chapter 1 - The River Bank

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