Latest Compositions

In 1996, I created a scifi police series in which I wrote the melody as a theme song. You'll probably recognise this as a shorter version of Forest March.

This particular version is how I envisioned it way back in the 1990s but only arranged recently and, like most sci-fi music, was inspired by the arrangement of the Star Trek: Original Series theme song. Governance is currently being written as an audio series and information for it can be found here.

My first composition of 2021! When I wrote this piece, I had no idea what to call it. However, once I'd heard the finished product, I started to imagine insects dancing and hence, "The Insects' Ball".

I wrote this a few years ago purely as a percussion piece but found it sounded so much like a Christmas song. So, in the spirit of Christmas, here it is. Merry Christmas, everyone!

This was the very first song I composed when I was 18 - way back in 1993. It was inspired by an Australian soap opera, A Country Practice, and was originally going to be the theme song for a children series (set in the country) I was writing at the time but never eventuated. It has now been incorporated as the second half of Desolate Plains.

The first part of Desolate Plains as it was originally written and envisioned, way back in 1994. This version has just a simple solo with background nature ambience.

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